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Almost everyone knows the problem: they sit on the balcony or the terrace and the direct sunlight does not contribute to the well-being. Awnings are the perfect product to ensure optimum protection for the skin while ensuring recovery. They provide uncomplicated and affordable ways to optimally protect yourself from the sun. Many customers rely exclusively on awnings from major brands. In our comparison, however, we compare models from many manufacturers and check for you which awning represents the best awning for the respective situation.

The current models have a variety of features. Anyone who still has the perspective here must be a true expert. Motor-operated exhibitors , articulated arms , fabric coatings are only a minor part of the relevant properties. There are a variety of variants on the market for each application. The criterion price is one of the most important facts. The best models we have listed in the large awning test and compared in their core properties. In the interactive table, you can sort the products according to your preferences and make a better selection. There you will certainly find a suitable awning for your home!

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